The kitchen

The three pillars of our cuisine: Memory, sustainability and the use of local ingredients, fostering artisanal produce.

The choice of food and wines

Local, genuine, seasonal. This is how Chef Giacomo Sacchetto defines his cuisine. A formula nurtured through memory and constant research. With his head in tradition and his feet firmly grounded in the world.

“From all my professional and travelling experience – he says – I have brought with me influences, tastes and fragrances. Today, I translate them into dishes that value, first of all, the raw ingredients that come from our garden, our trees and a guaranteed supply chain of artisans, who we discover and select on a local basis, especially here in Lessinia. This region, in which we find ourselves, has extraordinary products and is, in large part, relatively unknown”.

The restaurant

It is currently located in the historically rich rooms of the old Caretaker’s House, offering no more than 12/14 seats, a reserved room with a fireplace, which can accommodate a maximum of 6 people and, a second adjacent room with 3/4 tables. And if the philosophy underpinning our food and wine selection awakens the memory of taste and draws from the territory in which we are located, the dining room is where we will encounter that taste of home, that genuine and highly professional welcome of the maitre and sommelier Giampiero della nostra Clelia. The service is refined and attentive, which is apparent also in the details: the warmth of wood, the inspiration of the paintings on the walls, the soft lighting. For a cosy and familiar environment.
The permanent restaurant will be raised from a lower level of the courtyard, connected to the Casa del Custode (the Caretaker’s House), which will become an innovative structure with a glass door overlooking the biodynamic garden and the valley.


Our range of dishes is inspired by tradition and flavours that stimulate the memory, all served in a modern and creative way, the fruit of the chef and his team's continuous innovative research.

Our catering package consists of a tasting menu characterised by strong ties to the territory, called “In Viaggio con la Cru” ( A Journey with the Cru), comprising 6 distinct courses, as well as welcome bites and small patisserie, to which 3 other dishes, concocted on the spur of the moment by the chef, can be added.

“Sweet-UP!” is the pastry shop’s playful proposal to tease and educate our taste buds.

Accompanying the creative line is a tantalising menu of revisited dishes, midway between tradition and innovation: LaCru Re-LAB. Soon, a menu based on the produce of the vegetable garden will be added.

Under the watchful eye of our Giampiero, the cellar features locally produced wines together with a wide selection of national labels and many classic and international varieties. We also offer a carefully selected mini-list of spirits.