The project

Our philosophy

“Cultivating taste” for us means setting the culinary and hospitality experience within a wider context; in direct contact with the production of raw materials, mostly sourced from the surrounding territory. For a genuine cooking.

The name

“Cru” as history, territory and team.

In choosing the name of our restaurant, we tried to imagine a place where everyone would feel welcome. A place that evokes emotions of the past, as it did to those who entered the court in past centuries. The atmosphere of the location is so imbued with history that we were unable, in choosing the name, not to draw inspiration from history itself. We came to know that, adjacent to the property, there was a path marked by a stone engraved with a cross. This is a reproduction of the original cross of “Caravaca de la Cruz”.
Historical research conducted at the library of the Bishop’s Seminary of Verona has shown that this cross, dating back to the 16th century, may have been on a path travelled upon, long ago, by pilgrims.

CRU, in the field of wine-growing, is a noun that classifies land according to the quality of its produce; another aspect and hint that could not be overlooked: the bordering lands south of the brolo have been devoted, over the centuries, to the cultivation of grapes, so much so that in the Napoleonic real estate register they were denoted by the name “Vignaj” and censused as “vineyard of 1st quality”; these sun-kissed lands, caressed by the sparkling air of the hill-side. A place naturally dedicated to quality.

CRU is the phonetic transliteration of CREW in English, meaning “operational team”. From the very beginning of our project, everyone involved – from the former owners, the heirs of the Medici-Balis Crema family, to the technicians and all the staff – have shared great enthusiasm, and the feeling of being part of a team. Likewise, the decision to focus on young and outstanding catering and hospitality professionals, backed by shared experience and vision, has reinforced this concept.

The team

A young and close-knit kitchen and dining team.We share values, rules and a common vision of the positive interaction between innovation and tradition, ingredients and creative work.

Giacomo Sacchetto – Chef

Veronese, born 1985. Since he was a boy there has never been any doubt that cooking is his passion. Despite his young age, his path has already been a long one, from attaining his professional title of “Enogastronomic Chef”, to numerous internships, right up to stellar collaborations such as the one at the restaurant “St. Hubertus” in San Cassiano (BZ) as Norbert Niederkofler’s Sous-Chef (3 Michelin stars) and, since 2015, alongside Giancarlo Perbellini at “Casa Perbellini” (2 Michelin stars) in Verona. 2019 was a year of change for him: a new project all his own, a dream come true, characterized by an original concept in which the team, the relationship with the territory and constant research are essential.

Giampiero CompareSommelier and Maître

From Campania, class of ’95. Passionate about Food & Wine from an early age, he decided to enroll at the Aldo Moro Hotelier Institute in Montesarchio, his hometown. He obtained both a cooking and dining diploma, which has allowed him to understand and assimilate the close bond that unites the two areas. Among his dreams there was also that of becoming a sommelier. He thus attended the AIS courses with distinction, and then began to work in the dining rooms of renowned starred restaurants of the calibre of Kresios in Telese Terme and La Siriola in San Cassiano.

Clelia VeneziaChef de Rang

From Campania, class of 1997. In spite of her young age, she had no doubt about her future and with determination enrolled at the Aldo Moro Hotelier Institute in Montesarchio. From the outset, she had numerous opportunities to gain experience in various restaurants in the area until her graduation. She worked in event catering for four years, before deciding to take on a new challenge: she embarked on her experience at Telese Terme’s Michelin-starred restaurant, the Kresios, with her friend and colleague Giampiero Compare, where she would stay for more than a year and a half.

Nicola BertuzziSous Chef, Inn Manager

From Brescia, class of ’79. After obtaining his hotel diploma, he gained extensive experience in hotel and event catering, until moving to Alta Badia to work in the kitchens of “St.Hubertus” (3 Michelin stars) under the guidance of chef Norbert Niederkofler. There he met Giacomo Sacchetto, forging a friendship that still binds them today. Back home, he worked at the “Ristorante Perbellini” (1 Michelin star) in Isola Rizza, joining his friend again to work alongside chef Giancarlo Perbellini at “Casa Perbellini” (2 Michelin stars) in Verona, where he stayed for four years.

Alberto AndrettaSous Chef, First courses' Chef de partie

From Padova, class of 1993. After obtaining his hotel diploma, he notched up several star-studded professional experiences: first in the “Ristorante Perbellini” in Isola Rizza (1 Michelin star); then in “Casa Perbellini” in Verona (2 Michelin stars) where he was, for three years, Giancarlo Perbellini’s station chef, a role that also led him to work at the “Forte Village Resort” in Santa Margherita di Pula, before finally arriving in Gragnano, at “Villa Feltrinelli”. (2 Michelin stars), alongside chef Stefano Baiocco.

Davide TarenghiPastry Chef

From Bergamo, class of 1998. Despite his young age, he has very clear ideas about his professional career.

He pursued his great passion for cooking by studying enogastronomy at the State Professional Institute for Hotel and Catering Services in Bergamo. Determined to turn his dream into reality, he combined his studies with work experience, which soon led him to enter the world of starred restaurants. He has worked in important restaurants such as “Ristorante Mistral- Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni” (1 Michelin star), “La Siriola” (2 Michelin stars), “Harry’s Piccolo & bistrot” and “Ristorante La Magnolia”- Hotel Byron (1 Michelin star).

With his reserved nature, he is of few words but surprisingly reactive and quick when work calls.

Leonardo CaferriStarters' Chef de partie

Class of 2000.
From Pomezia, he attended the professional institute Ipseoa Tor Carbone. Always passionate about cooking, he began his first experiences between Lazio and Marche. In 2018 he took part in the Italian cuisine’s week in the world, in Miami.
But it is in 2019 that he makes the leap: he lands at Glam in Venice – Enrico Bartolini’s **Michelin – directed by Chef Donato Ascani.
With his sunny disposition, Leonardo is funny and sensitive. He is precise in the kitchen and his great availability goes well with the strong team spirit that exists at La Cru.